How to make compost

I’ve never been the silent type, so if you’re wondering why I’ve gone a bit quiet on the blogging front lately, it’s because (a) I’m writing a book that’s due at the publishers next month, (b) I’m writing¬†NZ Gardener’s¬†special edition on roses (we’re launching it at the Ellerslie Flower Show), (c) Lucas has mastered the art of crawling and that means I can only write half a sentence before he manages to make his way from his bedroom (on one side of the house) to the cat biscuit bowl (his current fascination) or to the stairs (his other current obsession) and (d) the Clevedon Garden Circle is coming to visit next month and my garden is a shambles. There are more weeds than flowers… which means every spare minute must be spent in the garden.

On the plus side, all those weeds are fabulous free fodder for my triple-bay compost system, which you can check out in the video below. Happy composting!

And now, back to the book!

The Living Garden – Easy Vegetables

I can never quite believe how nice my vege patch looks on tv. Here’s a segment on my favourite easy summer veges from The Living Channel.

And that reminds me, it’s time to save the seeds from my red-flowered broad bean. I also harvested my red mustard seeds today. I’m going to have a crack at making my own corn chips with homegrown mustard and poppy seeds for a bit of extra flavour instead of flaxseeds.