How to make compost

I’ve never been the silent type, so if you’re wondering why I’ve gone a bit quiet on the blogging front lately, it’s because (a) I’m writing a book that’s due at the publishers next month, (b) I’m writing NZ Gardener’s special edition on roses (we’re launching it at the Ellerslie Flower Show), (c) Lucas has mastered the art of crawling and that means I can only write half a sentence before he manages to make his way from his bedroom (on one side of the house) to the cat biscuit bowl (his current fascination) or to the stairs (his other current obsession) and (d) the Clevedon Garden Circle is coming to visit next month and my garden is a shambles. There are more weeds than flowers… which means every spare minute must be spent in the garden.

On the plus side, all those weeds are fabulous free fodder for my triple-bay compost system, which you can check out in the video below. Happy composting!

And now, back to the book!

12 thoughts on “How to make compost

  1. We have the same compost system which works really well in more ways than planned. One of the bins was emptied early in the spring, and last week when I was in despair over getting any tomatoes because of this summer’s relentless wind, I discovered an army of volunteer tomatoes in it. They were growing happily, protected from the wind on all the sides but shaded by a volunteer pumpkin. The pumpkin was sacrificed and now I’m planning wind breaks that look like compost bins.

  2. Well…..the book sounds enticing. Something to anticipate! I love your style of writing and have enjoyed this month’s column re the cost of veg, in latest NZG.

  3. I discovered 3-bin composting 2 years ago and now make my compost properly,
    instead of just dumping everything in one pile and hoping for the best. From having one
    bin composted each year (with resultant weed seeds!) which hubby always snaffled
    for the vege garden, I’m now getting 3 bins of black gold each year, and am working my way round the flower beds. What a difference it is making to the soil! I’m an absolute convert.

      • I know exactly what you mean Lynda.
        I’ve told hubby to leave everything beside the bin and I’ll chop and layer as required, but he tries to be ‘helpful’ so every now and then I have to rearrange things. At this time of the year though, the heat is really pumping out so we’re getting through it ok.

  4. Only just had a chance to look at this video now, and all I could think was, our biggest problem is keeping the hens out. Nothing lasts long enough in there to be composted. It’s very funny. But The Ladies as we call them are so sleek and healthy with their free range lifestyle that we don’t really mind the reduction in compost. But that triple bin system looks amazing. Will try to arrange something like that in future.

  5. Just thought I’d say my wee boy just turned two and he still heads towards the cat food bowl… for some reason it tastes really yummy to him :0)

  6. Great video thanks for sharing tips. Comforting to know I’m on the right track but currently using 2 bins sooo next project is to build a 3rd!

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