The Living Garden – Easy Vegetables

I can never quite believe how nice my vege patch looks on tv. Here’s a segment on my favourite easy summer veges from The Living Channel.

And that reminds me, it’s time to save the seeds from my red-flowered broad bean. I also harvested my red mustard seeds today. I’m going to have a crack at making my own corn chips with homegrown mustard and poppy seeds for a bit of extra flavour instead of flaxseeds.

One thought on “The Living Garden – Easy Vegetables

  1. Greetings from Waiuku. Was going to ask the following questions when I saw you at the Sunday market. But not coming over for a while. Your gardens look so so impressive.
    My problem is the shallots have not fattened up yet. Still look very green but awfully skinny still, down where I was expecting bulbs by now. Do you think all that wet weather prior to Christmas has affected them??
    Espaliered apple/fruit trees. Something I have wondered for some years and any gardeners I have asked in the past do not know the answer. Sure you will. One leaves manure etc on drip line of regular trees, where is the drip line when you have espaliered the tree??? In a ring out from the trunk, as is usual or perhaps along the length of the espalier???? Would the tree know it was espaliered???!!!!! Not sure if this was the correct place to put my questions. If not erase . Thanks.

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