Sunday Star Times

My weekly column is published in the Escape section of the Sunday Star Times. It’s a little bit country, a little bit domestic and a little bit bonkers. My husband is afraid to read it each week.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Star Times

  1. enjoy your column and here is yet another old fashioned tomato sauce recipe.
    12lb Tomatoes 4lbs Onions 2lbs sugar
    2oz Garlic (optional) 2oz ginger 1 tsp pepper
    glacial acetic acid oil of cloves spirits of wine
    (these three ingredients came in two little bottles from the pharmacy from memory the glacial acetic acid was probably about 2 oz and the spirits of wine and oil of cloves was combined about an ounce) You may need to search out a retired pharmacist to get exact quantity there. We just used to sell the two wee bottles as Tomato Sauce mix.
    Boil and bottle and seal…tastes just like watties….(made it lots and of course never wrote down the time factor….

  2. I read your recipe November 22 “A saucy minx in the kitchen”.
    Would be most grateful if you could clarify for me what strength Acetic Acid is required ?
    The recipe mentions 1.5oz but is that 99.9% ?

    • Hi Ross, yes it’s the 99% strength. 1.5oz is about 40ml, but I used 20ml and added 1 tablespoon of citric acid as well (it intensifies the flavour as well as increasing the acidity to prevent botulism etc. The sugar content is enough of a preservative.)

  3. Great tomato sauce recipe. Unfortunately left the paper at my daughter’s place in ChCh. Could you please email it to me. Love your column. Sandra

  4. Hello Lynda
    Enjoyed your quip about returning to your home town Hamilton in today’s paper.
    Have you visited the Hamilton Gardens recently? The Katherine Mansfield garden has just been opened and it is stunning. You could do a piece about it and the other gardens. The gardens are Hamilton’s best kept secret
    Always enjoy your writings
    Tris Pascoe

  5. Thank you Linda for all those years of wonderful, humorous writing.We have loved every story from the The Hunk and his biceps to Damsons in Hunua . Have a relaxing and fruitful holiday. . Cheers Liz Algie.

  6. Hi Linda Hallinan
    sorry to see you go from the SST.
    believe you have workers on organic farms woof?
    I could give you a couple of weeks at the end of january when I set off for my friends place in coromandel.
    could also teach you how to play the guitar by my own method that teaches you how to teach yourself.
    best regards
    Randal McMurphy

    • Hi Randal, that’s super generous but we’re mostly away until the end of the school hols. One of my first priorities this year is to buy a new guitar without steel strings so my fingers don’t take such a hammering!

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