The sound of silence… and wow!


My apologies for the fact that it has been all quiet on the blog front for a couple of months now, but I’ve been busy finishing my book. It’s a journey through the seasons in my country garden, and as a girl (well this girl at least) can only have so many original thoughts, I’ve been saving them all for the book.

However I thought I’d quickly share these photos of amazing echinaceas that I took while visiting nurseryman Eddie Welsh in Palmerston North this month. Wowee – his nursery beds look like an American designer prairie garden. I’m going to sow packets of echinaceas myself next spring to emulate this look. (I did ask Eddie if he’d sell me the whole lot, but I think he thought I was kidding.)

And now, back to the book! 

15 thoughts on “The sound of silence… and wow!

    • It’s a good reminder that mass planting can be super effective, especially in a large garden. I had such fun growing annual rudbeckias this year that I’m going to do that again next spring but in a big long row like this.

  1. I enjoyed your lastest blog, and yes I would agree the photos are beautiful, it is good to look and be brightened, since Anzac Day our family has been turned up-side-down, we nearly lost our son-in-law, but thankfully to our grandson he knew wnat to do and how.
    It was wonderful to read your news and look forward to reading the completed book you are producing – good luck. Dawn

  2. The colours of the Echinaceas are beautiful against the Autumn leaves on the backgroud trees. Just what we all need to see at this time of the year. We are looking forward to reading your book when it comes out.
    Has Lucus turned ONE yet. How is the wee man? Gaynor Tait; Gisborne.

  3. This is just a Devine looking Garden.Yay GO Palm de Ville….my Hometown!Great Shots of one of my nearest & dearest Flower’s to my Heart.I am so so so looking Forward to the Presence of your Book.You are so Inspiring,a total Wonder Woman in my eye’s.

    • Hello Lynda, I purchased your book ” Back To The Land ” A year of Country Gardening” last Sunday at the Warehouse. What a wonderful, read it is going to be. Thankyou so much for sharing your life, photos and family stories. I have just been reading snippets ,and browsing through at present, and have had many little giggles over things written. Makes one remember their own heritage and past.
      Do I guess there is another addition to your wee family? Good luck, and good health. It wiill be another helper in the garden I guess!! Take care, and thankyou for you frankness and honesty. Gaynor Tait, Gisborne.

  4. Hi Lynda
    I have grown globe artichokes for several years for their lovely grey foliage and beautiful purple flowers, but tonight was the first time I had cooked and eaten them! And it was delicious. I used your recipe in Back to the Land. Yum, but wondering if a squeeze of lemon juice after steaming might enhance the flavor… Have you tried that? Judy

  5. Hi Lynda- Is this book the only one you have written as I am looking for something of yours called Garden Preserves. Can you please help me.

    • Hi Martha,
      We’ve done loads on preserving in our special editions – Homegrown 1 had preserves in every chapter, and Homegrown Recipes had heaps of preserving recipes in it too, if that helps.

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