5 mornings, 5 frosts

Jack Frost does the business again

It’s becoming a habit to wake up to white dusted paddocks, crystallised cabbages and celery in the vege patch, and a front deck patterned with the dogs’ thawing paw prints. It has been so cold here this week that the frost is usually settling in before we’ve even gone to bed. The payoff, of course, is that a clear, still, cold night is usually followed by a clear, still, sunny day. Bring on the weekend! I have lots of work lined up for my husband…

One thought on “5 mornings, 5 frosts

  1. Just to add a note about warmth for raising seeds now….I take a single electric blanket, place it on the bed…preferably an unused one!!!!, place bubble wrap over it for protection, switch it on and place my seed trays on it, and hey presto in no time the seeds are germinating. I take them outside each day once germinated so that they don’t get leggy, and bring them back each evening and put them back onto their warm bed.

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