10 reasons to love winter

This morning's icy sights

1. Even weeds look like works of art when they’re dusted with ice
2. Frost kills aphids in the rose garden and fungal spores in the orchard (sadly it also eviscerates the early almond blossoms)
3. It’s impossible not to chuckle at a perplexed dog licking a frozen puddle
4. The cats are always cuddlier on a cold morning
5. A frozen lawn sounds like a bowl of Rice Bubbles underfoot
6. I remember why I bought woollen gloves and Ugg boots: to stop my fingers and toes freezing when I whip outside at daybreak with the camera
7. Frozen dew drops look like Swarovski crystals
8. The forlorn hung heads of last summer’s sunflowers (the sparrows nicked all the seeds) look exquisite in their sparkling state of decay
9. It’s a pleasure to see the paddocks slowly thaw as the sun comes up
10. I can justify an extra spoonful of brown sugar on my porridge (and I’d have cream too, if only I had a house cow)

10 thoughts on “10 reasons to love winter

  1. You are so gifted. A great photographer, writer and of course gardener. I should also add Mother, to that list.
    I so enjoy reading the day to day workings of your household.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Sue,
      I can’t sew a stitch though, let alone craft a beautiful quilt like your ones! Perhaps that should be my next challenge? I did cash in my credit card rewards points to buy a sewing machine this year… but apart from making one baby bib (after a lesson from my Mum, who had to show me how to thread the jolly thing!) it now sits in the corner of the bedroom, mocking me.

    • It’s the only benefit to all those early morning starts with Lucas – I actually get up in time to admire the frosts now! And surely you’ve got your hands full with calves without juggling a camera too!

  2. Love the photos Lynda and your posts, it’s always gives us a laugh. if you don’t enjoy sewing don’t. I love to quilt, garden and cook, but I guess I am lucky with the sewing. if you want any inspiration Grandmothers Garden, Hamilton is wonderful patchwork shop

    • Hi Yvonne,
      I’d like to learn how to make a quilt for Lucas. Maybe when the vege garden is planted, I’ll plan a small shopping trip for fabric. My grandmother lives in Hamilton so it seems appropriate 🙂

    • Hi Bev,
      We’ve had two more severe frosts since… I never thought I’d live somewhere where the old advice about leaving clods of soil exposed to the frost (to break them up) could apply to me! Who needs to dig?

  3. Great photos & descriptions! This snow is just magic! It makes everyone smile (in the North anyway!) and pretty much everything looks beautiful.
    I’m almost jealous. Here in Golden Bay, we’ve been left out. We’ve had stunning, still, blue-sky weather for days.

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