Snowflakes a’falling

The weather forecasters got it right. Snow, not just on the Hunua Ranges, but on our front lawn! The dogs had no idea what to make of it. Take that, aphids, and any other summer greeblies still hanging out in my garden!

6 thoughts on “Snowflakes a’falling

  1. Gorgeous! We’re enjoying the bizarre but beautiful snow here in Wellington too. It’s making everyone giddy and smiley!

  2. I think no-one has escaped the snow. My daughter walking along Waihi Beach had it, as we did too, plus I have just spoken to a woman in Auckland who tells me snow fell in Newmarket and Queen Street!! Wow! My daughter in Christchurch is surrounded by it! I just hope it’s cold enough to kill those garden bugs.

  3. Sorry, but no snow in Nelson…living upto its sunny reputation we had a biting wind with sunshine and blue skies! We even got out after dinner and planted some of the bare root roses I had turn up in the mail today…was tempted to keep them inside till the ‘cold snap’ passes, but my hubby assured me that if the chooks can handle the cold, so can my new babies….hope he’s right!

  4. Snowflakes here in deepest Mt Roskill, too, but fortunately not many. But the wind blew my strawberry cages off my deck, complete with six large pots of soil inside. Strong !

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