The early bird also gets the views

A foggy morning on the farm

I am not a morning person. Never have been. As a child I’d crawl out of bed at the last possible moment and was always cutting it fine to sprint down the driveway in time to catch the school bus. (Thus I can’t help but admire my niece Jaime’s cunning: she – in a stroke of pure genius – tried to wear her school uniform to bed under her PJs. It would have worked too, had my sister not gone in to wish her goodnight only to spot her school shirt collar poking out from under the blankets.)

I am not a morning person, but since Lucas was born, I’ve seen in the dawn on at least a dozen occasions. And every time it’s a thrill. (No, that’s not just the sleep deprivation making me say silly things.) One of the simple pleasures of living on the peak of a hill is the way that, on clear winter mornings, the fog rolls in, slowly swallowing the valley, leaving only the trees around our lawn and the tips of the Hunua Ranges in the distance peeking out of the mist.

By the time it’s light enough to take a photo, the fog has usually lifted. So, as ridiculous as this might sound, it always makes me feel like this ephemeral effect is for my eyes only. (And Lucas’ too, though to be quite honest at that time of the day he’s rather more interested in looking up my shirt than out the window!)

6 thoughts on “The early bird also gets the views

  1. Hi Lynda, what a glorious photograph! I adore frosty, foggy mornings and my favourite thing to do is don gumboots, rug up and crunch across the grass here in Nelson (when I’m not sporting a broken toe, like I am at the moment, sigh!).

    I’m a garden writer and I love the way you write, because you remind me of me! Big hugs and congratulations on your lovely son!

    Smiles, Philippa

    • Hi Philippa,
      I think we’re in for a string of frosty, foggy starts this week, because we’re getting such beautiful clear days. The fog was churning up the valley this morning like dry ice at a 1980s disco…

      How did you break your toe?

  2. I used to live up on Red Hill in Papkura and loved it when below was all covered in fog. It was like the drury hills and we were islands in a misty sea, and then slowly the tree tops would appear. Magical time of the morning really , even for those of us who laothe getting out of our cosy beds until we absolutely have to.

  3. We trade sleep ins like a currency in this house! Can’t wait to see updates of the wee chap. (in pukekawa our fog sometimes doesnt lift at all, i love it)

  4. What a beautiful photo Lynda. Nature surely does put on some great displays for us all. —- and none better than those early mornings and at sun set. A clear night with the moon shining and stars twinkling thus giving a mystical outline of trees, animals or ocean ,depending on where one is viewing from, is also beautiful. To see spider webs with dew drops or frost is so lovely also.
    A wonderful bonding time for you and your wee Lucas, sitting in the quiet of the dawn with him “snuggled in feeding” and you watching the fog rising through the valley. —- How heavy is Lucas now?

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