The darling buds of May

Mini daffs & 'Erlicheer'

Okay, so its actually the 1st of June, but I took this photo yesterday, just as the weather pundits confirmed what we gardeners have been aware of for weeks: the weather was amazingly mild in May. In fact, it was the warmest May on record. NIWA climate scientists say it was almost 2.5 degrees warmer on average than usual, with twice as much rain too. Which explains why, among other things, my crabapples are in blossom, my asparagus is sending up out-of-season spears… and all my baby daffs have burst into bloom.  Strange times.

10 thoughts on “The darling buds of May

    • Not yet… have lovely fat feet though! I’m in two minds as to whether I should just chill out and enjoy these last few days of peace and quiet… or whether I should be taking brisk strolls and giving him a few stern words to hurry up 🙂

  1. Thank you, I enjoy your news and photos, yes it is a funny old season so far, I love your flowers capped off by the beautiful vase, enjoy.

  2. The weather’s truly weird here in Wellington. Warm, still and mild. I have two of my five boronia bushes in flower. So out of season.

    Best wishes to you all for the birth. May it be speedy and painless.

  3. Lynda, how lovely it is to see the’Earicheer’ and ‘Mini Daffs'(Paper Whites) in bloom. That lovely perfume. Am waiting for my Winter Sweet to flower!!

    Hope all goes well for the arrival of your’dear wee bundle’- your precious little man.
    My dear late Mum used to say “They are just like fruit– They fall when they are ready !!” So keep your feet up to stop further swelling, and rest and be waited on while you can !!” How will we know when he has arrived??

    Love and good luck for a reasonably pain free delivery.
    Gaynor Tait.

  4. Hi Lynda, good luck with your wee boy’s upcoming birth – and wishing you a safe and exhilerating (and painless!) delivery – as long as he doesn’t come out wearing gumboots, you will be ok. Enjoy the moments of quietness now… and looking forward to hearing your exciting news when he decides to enter the world.

  5. i heard your news in the latest NZGarden weekly e-newsletter. What magic. All the very best to you and your (new!) family.

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