Be still, my burning heart

Satsuma mandarins

My latest pregnancy craving? Mandarins.

Pros: Sweet, seedless, easy-peel ‘Satsuma’ mandarins are in season! I can buy them on my way home from a roadside stall near here for just $3/kg. They are divine. I could eat a whole bag in one go. Mum’s tree is also laden – she filled up my fruit bowl with even more mandarins this weekend.

Cons: Fresh citrus gives me chronic heartburn at the moment. I only have to look at a mandarin and my chest hurts. I’m chewing through antacid tablets almost as quickly as I’m chewing through the citrus. Ah well, not too many days to go now!

(But I have to admit, I a’m getting a bit tetchy about the state of my garden. Not being able to bend over is a definite disadvantage, but luckily Mum came to the rescue yesterday and put in a few punnets of cauliflowers, spinach, red-stemmed silverbeet and spring onions for me. This afternoon I also sowed a packet of ‘Dwarf Early Green’ broad beans, a packet of ‘Wiltshire Ripple’ sweet peas and prepared two dozen elderberry cuttings for the edible hedgerow I’m planning in our orchard. Now I just have to bribe my husband to mow the orchard so we can plant the 200 or so spring bulbs I’ve bought to go under the apple trees…)

Photo credit: Capay Satsuma Organic Mandarins

9 thoughts on “Be still, my burning heart

  1. I can totally sympathise with you Lynda, my daughter was born in June and I had major cravings for oranges when I was pregnant with her, alas I also had major heartburn, but as you say, there can’t be many more days to go now and I can hardly believe that my baby girl will be 8, going on 13 mind you ;), next month. I hope you’ve found some time and energy to get the nursery ready. All the very best for the coming weeks.

    • ….warm fuzzies for your new baby to arrive soon Lyndia and hubby.With our oldest boy (8 years old) it was citrus for me and boy oh boy did I have to eat the antiacid tablets – did think may have more harm with the antiacid tablets for bubs at the time with the heartburn! We now thinking about our garden, being demolished with bricks all around it from our house and block walls from boundary fence crashing onto lawn and our front garden from Feb earthquake. BUT keep reading your column and now back in our house with temporary repairs done to it, can only think of what will be with new home and garden to create. Cheers for wonderful reading.

      • Hi Tracy,
        Mandarins would be much easier to resist if they weren’t so wonderfully sweet at this time of the year. Shame they don’t go so well with peppermint-flavoured antacids though! My heart(burn) goes out to you dealing with the quake aftermath – I hope the temporary repairs keep the winter cold out. Good luck with the new garden too. Plant some bulbs for spring – it’s about the only thing you can do for a bit of seasonal cheer to look forward to later.

    • Hi Karen,
      Haven’t *quite* sorted the nursery. We have a very small house (80sqm) so the cot is going in our office while the bassinet is in the bedroom. We figure we have the months between birth and our baby learning to crawl to sort out a solution!
      PS. 8 going on 13… we’ve all been there 🙂

  2. Hi my goodness shouldn’t you just be lying around? You are so inspiring if only this rain would stop and I could get out to my own garden and plant the seedlings that have been sitting on the back doorstep for the last week or so.
    I thought this might be of interest from Wendyl’s latest newsletter
    Fruit Salts for Indigestion
    During my research for the book I came across a recipe for old-fashioned Fruit Salts, which are like Enos. You drink them down in a glass of water if you have indigestion, or as I had the other night too much rich food. I had cooked a beef heart for an upcoming From My Nana’s Pantry column in the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly and didn’t realise it would sit so heavy in my stomach. But a glass of fruits salts later and all was back to normal (and if I’m honest after a few loud burps!) I now keep this on the kitchen shelf and I recommend you make it for those uncomfortable times, it’s so damn easy and it tastes great
    Fruit Salts
    2 Tbs baking soda
    2 Tbs cream of tartar
    2Tbs citric acid
    2 Tbs icing sugar
    Mix altogether in a jar and shake well to combine. Use 2 tsp in a large glass of cold water or 1Tbs in a small glass. Drink down while it is still fizzing

    • Hi Kerri,
      For some reason your comment got bumped into the spam folder. I might try that remedy – you could add a squeeze of lemon juice and it should taste almost like homemade lemonade 🙂

  3. Lynda, it is the acid in the fruit causing you trouble and you don’t have to be pregnant for it to happen!!
    Both of my daughters were born in June. My eldest ( now coming up 45!, was born on the 14th and my youngest turned 39years old yesterday.(she is disabled).
    My cravings were – from eldest down – Sparkling Lemon ,
    Fish, Milk powder!, and Pumpkin !! Quite wierd really how our bodies tell us “we need it”.
    All the best from Sunny Gisborne.

  4. Hi Lynda, Just wondering if your wee man had arrived safely, — and have you been freed of your heartburn?

    Is our first wet day for about two weeks. Just a light steady rain doing the garden good. ( the weeds love it )

    All the best for your busy days ahead.

    Gaynor Tait

    • Hi Gaynor,
      The little guy arrived safely on June 7 – and I’ve been juicing ‘Clementine’ mandarins like mad ever since! Unfortunately I ended up having a c-section so my plans to get all the punnets of broad bean seedlings & sweet peas, currently sitting on the deck, planted this week will have to wait 🙂

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