Daffodils & bluebells

What a week of highs and lows. From the joy of last weekend, when Jason and I shared our wedding day with all of our friends and family members – including several aunts, uncles, cousins and gardening industry colleagues who had flown up from Christchurch – to the utter, utter devastation of Tuesday’s quake.

My heart just goes out to everyone in Canterbury in the wake of this tragedy. My thoughts are with you all, now and in the dark days ahead.

Sometimes the only things that bring comfort at times like these, especially for those of us observing from a distance, are the little things. Things like sowing seeds – a symbol of hope and optimism for the future – or pulling weeds or planting trees.

Whenever I think of Christchurch, that fine, proud, beautiful garden city, I think of the swathes of English bluebells along the banks of the Avon River, and the cheerful daffs that sprout beneath those mighty old deciduous trees around Hagley Park. Daffodils and bluebells that, despite this week’s horror, will resolutely bloom again come spring. I’m going to plant some under the oak trees here in my garden. It’s the only thing I can think of to do today, even in such a small way, to pay tribute to those lost.

5 thoughts on “Daffodils & bluebells

  1. Beautiful tribute Lynda. I can not stop thinking about what has happened down there. Watching it on TV makes me so sad and I want to do something, I just do not know what. Your post reminded me of one of my visits there, before I got into my gardening. You have reminded me what a stunning garden city it was and I believe what it will be in the future.

      • I agree. We have a mufti day at my school today and my class donated $150, one student donated $20. We have been talking about the earthquake since it happened and I have been encouraging them to think about ways we can help. I got them to write letters to the earthquake, sounds funny but they came up with some amazing stuff. I could not imagine being there and going through what they are going through. Please note I am not typing this while I am teaching, my kids are at another lesson at the mo, hehe

  2. Thanks Lynda for this – it’s heartbreaking, but we know that with NZ behind them they can one day soon have hope and courage to regain their lives – the daffodils and bluebells will come up in spring regardless – giving hope from the current desolation. But you have made me think, I have some lily of the valley plants in my garden from the garden of a friend from St Albans who sadly died two years ago, so am going to add some bluebells and daffodils to that little memory garden, my own little memorial garden of hope for Canterbury. Thank you so much for sharing and giving me something positive to think about in all this tragedy. My rellies are all fine – scared and shattered, but alive. But it’s so heartbreaking.

  3. What a beautiful tribute Lynda, it is so true and being in the midst of the tragedy what a welcome thought that the daffs and bluebells will bloom again for our city. We are thankfully one of the lucky ones, minor damage and family and friends all accounted for but it’s soul detroying watching the pain, sorrow and devastation of our city. We know NZ is behind us all as we rebuld though.

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