The Big Day: Photos of the garden 1

The lawn was just perfect. Anyone willing to take bets as to how long it stays this way?

Looking across the wildflower border to the lawn. The sun umbrellas in the wine barrels cost $20 each on sale at Briscoes last week; we pimped them up with a strip of fabric bunting, sewn by Mum.

The driveway

It's amazing what a truckload of fresh gravel can do to tart up a driveway!

We hired two 6m x 10m Raj Tents and kept our fingers crossed that it wouldn't rain as there was no backup venue plan!

I rather like the idea of installing a tent at the end of the lawn permanently. Wonder if Mum can sew canvas... just kidding Mum.

The weather gods smiled, even if most of the roses in the flower bed in front of the stables jumped the gun and flowered prematurely.

4 thoughts on “The Big Day: Photos of the garden 1

  1. Congratulations to both you and the hunk. The garden and property are a credit to you it all looks absolutely beautiful. Lynda you made a beautiful bride and the hunk scrubbed up pretty well also. All the very best for your future together. Take care of that babe.

  2. A grand finale to a huge amount of work. Well done you for putting such a great effort into it all and inspiring others to have the best day ever without taking out a wedding mortgage.All the best for the future for all 3 of you.

  3. Wonderful photos, I unfortunately deleted the first emails because I thought they were a scam – then the penny dropped so I have only this wonderful, the event looks terrific, I love the marquets and the barrows. Thanks again, Dawn

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