The Big Day: Photos of the Garden 3

Looking down the hill to the arena/carpark/eventual berry farm.

The dahlia bowls were super simple and effective, and Mum made green spotty table runners for the huge 5m long tables the boys built from planks of 6' x 2' roughsawn timber.

Looking through the tent from the side.

When the sun went down, we fired up our snazzy new super-sized brazier (it's 1.5m wide)... built by the Hunk. Cue jokes about him setting my world on fire...

7 thoughts on “The Big Day: Photos of the Garden 3

  1. The garden looked awesome. You, the hunk your family and friends did a fantastic job. You can put your feet up now and wait for the next big event – your baby!
    Some how I can’t see you putting those feet up just yet tho.

  2. Hope the actual day went well. What a look! and I feel good this morning as I have made some glitter play dough and a pretend blanket castle. Your baby is going to have so much fun with you and the Hunk. (Saw the other day that his name is Jason – sorry can’t call him that, Hunk from Hunea it will always be)

  3. I am so relieved that everything has turned out so beautifully because you, the Hunk (and the Sunday morning photo proves he is a bit of a one!) and your family and friends really deserved it. You looked really radiant, relaxed and beautiful and with the dahlias providing such luscious colour; you have converted me to growing them . Congratulations to you both and best wishes for your lives together. M

  4. You look absolutely stunning Lynda. Jas doesn’t scrub up too bad 😉 Everything looked perfect and I heard the ceremony was a tear jerker! Congratulations to you both xx

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