Oh, to be five years old again…

I’ve been channelling my inner Martha Stewart this afternoon, pimping out plain white shoes for the flowergirls (my wee nieces). The shoes cost $10 a pair on sale at Pumpkin Patch, the ribbon was $1.50 a metre from Spotlight and the greeny-white faux flowers cost the princely sum of $2 from the $2 shop. Aww, so cute – and so cheap!

13 thoughts on “Oh, to be five years old again…

      • They still look very pretty and I’m guessing they’re going to suit your theme perfectly. The countdown is on, you must be getting very excited now!

  1. Hi Lynda,I just wanted to wish you and your hunk all the best for your wedding next week. Hopefully the weather will be kind for you.I was married on the same day 1966 the day was good but it rained at night
    I enjoy your programme on prime and your weekly news letter.You bring a ray of sunshine into peoples lives each week as well as knowledge.. Thankyou for that.
    Jude xx

    • Thanks Jude. I don’t mind if it rains (I’m lying, obviously) but if it’s windy we’re in trouble as we’re right on top of a hill. I’m pretty sure that rain on your wedding day can be a good luck omen, but I’ve never heard of an airborne marquee being good luck!

  2. I have a little lawn that is a little sad at the front of my house! Next Saturday (Your wedding Day) I am going to sprinkle Cosmos all over it so that every time I look at the flowers I will think of you and how you manage to make me smile every time I hear you talk or read your weekly newsletters. The Hunk is very lucky, but I am sure you are too. When can we see him?

    • Don’t sprinkle too much of the stuff! I’ve started hacking it back now.

      I’ll put up a pic after the wedding. Can’t keep calling him the Hunk after that anyway. He’ll be the hubby. Heh.

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