I can’t quite believe how much my new garden has grown over the past six weeks or so. Just before Christmas, it looked like a barren wasteland. I’d sown the wildflowers, along with 5 packets of white cosmos, 2 packets of pink cosmos and 2 packets of giant green zinnias… but there was bugger all to show for it. So I started panicking and planted heaps and heaps and heaps (and that’s a conservative estimate) of potted colour between Christmas and New Year. Then, of course, we had a couple of torrential downpours and suddenly the wildflowers and cosmos rocketed off. The cosmos, especially, has pretty much overwhelmed all the other plants I’ve put in. So much so that I’m now pulling the jolly stuff out by the trailerload. 

If nothing else, this wedding garden palaver has taught me that (a) patience is a virtue; (b) a perfect lawn is worth every cent; (c) a lick of green paint can pimp up anything and (d) take lots of progress photos because otherwise you’ll never believe just how much you can achieve in a few short months of working-bee madness.