Three torrential storms in three weeks + warm nights and hot days = free mushrooms for dinner!

Dad popped over today to spray some thistles and came across a surprise crop of seasonally-confused fungi in one of of the back paddocks. We ended up picking half a bucket of baby buttons and meaty field mushrooms (though I have to confess to hopping over the fence to pinch a few from the neighbour’s hill paddock too). I guess it makes up for all the flooding last weekend, when our pump shed ended up half-submerged in the raging torrent. I’ll bake them tonight with new season’s garlic, breadcrumbs, thyme, parmesan and lashings of cream.

And for dessert?

Homemade wild blackberry and apple pie with (more) lashings of cream.

On the way back from ‘shrooming, I grabbed a basket of apples from our orchard and foraged for a small bowl of dark, delicious blackberries from the side of one of the cattle races. I could probably have picked half a bucket of blackberries too, except the only thing I had to collect them in was Dad’s sun hat… and he was worried about ending up with a sunburnt noggin so I had to cut my foraging short.