What’s the definition of a marriage made in heaven? When you’re a gardener, I think it’s having a partner who not only doesn’t mind your endless mad schemes – a new bed here, a rock wall there, a bonfire-sized brazier over there – but can jolly well build them too. So when I proposed we knock together a village fair-style drinks stand to serve the punch and homemade lemonade from at our wedding, the Hunk immediately drove off to the timber yard, bought some ply and posts… and, with help from his dad and my brother-in-law Alan, whipped up the cutest darn lemonade stand I’ve ever seen.

It took half a day to build (we used a recycled plastic plant pot as a template for the jigsaw-cut awning roof) and a week to paint (the colours are white, ‘Japanese Laurel’ (bright green) and ‘Feijoa’ (pale green) from Resene, which I’ve also used to paint everything from the chicken coop to wine barrel planters and obelisks for the big day).

The drinks stand is supposed to sit on the deck in front of our house, but I begged the boys to lift it out onto the formal lawn so I could snap a photo of it today. Bad move… because it looked so sweet sitting on the grass that now it seems a shame not to leave it there.

Which brings me back to that whole (impending) marriage made in heaven definition. “The lemonade stand looks so good on the lawn,” I sighed. “Why don’t we just build another one then?” replied the Hunk. He wasn’t even joking.

The only downside to a marriage made in heaven? It works both ways. This afternoon when I got home, the blokes were ripping around the old equestrian arena on motorbikes, having spent the day scraping it clean with a bulldozer. It’s the only flat spot on the farm for parking, but after the wedding my long term goal is to transform it into a posh, parterre-themed, pick-your-own berry and flower farm modelled on the famous potager at Villandry in France.

Or at least that’s what I was planning. “I’ve had a better idea,” said the Hunk this afternoon. “The boys and I have decided it would make a perfect go kart racing track…”