It was a dark and stormy night

I came home tonight to find that, well, I couldn’t get home. One of the liquidambars halfway up our driveway has been dismembered by gale force winds. I did my best to drag it to the side of the driveway (wasn’t much point trying to get the Hunk to push it out of the way with his crutches) but in the end I had to just give up, reverse up… and then drive right over the top of it.

I got home just before dark but it wasn’t dark enough to hide the fact that my dahlias, despite being tied to sturdy wooden stakes, have been completely flattened today. ‘Raspberry Ripple’, especially, is now more like a can of crushed raspberries. Bugger. (The dog also dug up a dozen impatiens and a couple of hydrangeas while I was at work today, but that’s another story.)

The sunflowers are still standing, just, but the huge old plane tree at the far end of the lawn – which lost its middle in the last big storm – looks worringly as if it’s going to be blown apart tonight. Here’s hoping its branches don’t land on my broody chicken. I’ve rigged up an emergency black plastic garbage bag tent, weighed down with blocks of wood, over an old barbecue table chair, to keep her safe and dry.

In hindsight, my decision to rip out the ugly conifer shelterbelt along the side of the lawn, to open up the lovely view of the Hunua ranges, may not have been my smartest move.

On the plus side, what are the chance of another cyclone blowing through in exactly one month’s time? Nil, surely? Surely? Gulp…

5 thoughts on “It was a dark and stormy night

  1. Have you thought of eloping? Sorry to hear all the mishaps, but ain’t that just gardening, you know – “next year it will be great” they were lovely “yesterday”. At least all your guests know what to expect on the big day. AND we all know how gardens never do what they are supposed to do when we want them – that’s why we are all such optimists with a dash of realist thrown in for good measure. Cheer Up…

    • Eloping sounds quite sensible actually 🙂

      Weather schmeather: gardening wouldn’t be half as interesting if nature did as she was told all the time. And I think a looming deadline is so motivating. If we weren’t getting married here, I’m pretty sure my garden would still be all in my head (and in seed packets).

  2. OMG!

    I thought that that degree of weather violence only happened down here on the West Coast. Please don’t fret – stress isn’t good for your little one – according to research. You may yet have to make a dash to the nearest botanical gardens for the wedding photos! Love conquers all, anyway, and that’s all that matters. (My 50th wedding anniversary is next year and it was bloody snowing when we left the church! )Mxx

    • Don’t worry. I’m not stressing. I’m simply consoling myself with more ice cream… as I figure we can always turn to our friend Photoshop to iron out any wrinkles in the wedding photos 🙂

      Best of luck with your golden anniversary next year. I suggest you take my lead and make it a celebration in the garden. For starters, golden flowers are so much easier to come by at this time of the year than white ones. Rudbeckias, sunflowers, marigolds, yellow dahlias, snapdragons… think of the fun you could have!

      • Hi Lynda,
        But our golden wedding anniversary will be in August 2012! We have a hillside of daffodils which will be only just flowering. Uniquely, living in an area which was erratically mined in the 1880’s – there is still gold in them there hills at the back of us. Asi’m doing the catering and have some edible gold leaf in the kitchen drawer I think i’ll move in that direction. M

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