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To sign up for Get Growing, NZ Gardener magazine’s weekly digital magazine about growing your own fresh fruit and vegetables, simply send an email to

The third TV series of Get Growing screened in spring/summer 2014. It’s currently getting an encore airing at 3.30pm on Sundays on Choice TV.


8 thoughts on “Get Growing

  1. Having a newly landscaped back garden – veges and flowers, I’m appreciating the get growing newsletter. I downloaded the moon calendar, as in many years of gardening I have never tried lunar growing, so am interested to try it. A question about bulbs – I guess it’s time to plan them now, but should I wait until the lunar calendar says to plant root crops?

  2. Sue from Auckland asked how to keep cats off seedlings in the Feb 18 edition of the newsletter. To keep my two cats (garden supervisors) off my seeds and seedlings, I use plastic netting held down with weedmat pins (both from Warehouse; the netting comes on a roll that I cut to size). It is great for seeds, particularly for a patch. I grow Kings Seeds Mammoth Mangel Mix for my chooks. When the seedlings are big enough, I lift the netting and re-use it. For seedlings, I had some leftover galvanized mesh from my bean frames so I bent it into a tunnel that I use over seeds planted in rows like carrots and spring onions. Again I hold it down with weedmat pins.

  3. Im trying very hard to get my wife to allow me to have 4 chooks,please keep the positive items in STT ,she said you described me to a T.Keep up the good work.

    Abundant blessings
    Kevin Darragh

    • Hi Kevin,
      Buy the chooks as a gift for your wife? We’ve got about a dozen chooks now and we waver between loving them (when they’re laying) and loathing them (when they escape and raid my garden, or poop in the house, as they seem to increasingly do!).

  4. Lynda after reading your article in the sunday star. Timesmyself and wife compliment you in giving us both the most hilarious laughter we have had in years. Keep it up. This my first attempt at sending an article of this nature .So keep on providing us with humurous articles.
    Note we are retirees in the 4score years . The wife is an keen member of the N Z Gardener which arrives every month and enjoys the contents grately. Thanks John

  5. Just home from two months in Hawaii.

    Wanted you to know Jillian and I enjoyed the piece about your sporting life in the Sunday paper.

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