My new book!

Jam Sessions_Cover2I’m chuffed to announce that advance copies of my new book have just landed, (though I suspect my husband isn’t so chuffed about me chucking all his gear out of our red barn so I could clear enough space to store them!).

Foggydale Farm Jam Sessions is a 50:50 mix of growing and harvesting advice… and recipes for preserving all your homegrown harvests in homemade jams, jellies, compotes & chutneys, just like my Nanas used to make.

You can order copies for $55 (including free P&P anywhere in NZ) and I’ll personally autograph them for good measure. You can pay by credit card, internet banking or post a good old-fashioned cheque.

For more information and to see sample pages from the book, check out my little online store:

Happy preserving this summer!

2 thoughts on “My new book!

  1. Hi Linda my friend and i are big fans of yours we just found out we missed out on your Dunedin visit.I rung Nichols 2 months ago and they were going to phone me when tickets were on sale.Rung today and found it was sold out! Boo Hoo.Where else are u on tour and would u know if any tickets are available.

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