Down Country

My column Down Country is published in Sunday magazine, inside the Sunday Star Times newspaper, every weekend. It’s a little bit rural, a little bit domestic and a fair bit of fun to write. Think Nigella without the sultry lipgloss, Martha Stewart without the criminal conviction, or Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall without the stubble… all mixed up with a generous dose of gardening and cooking.


3 thoughts on “Down Country

  1. Can’t stop myself from reading your article first in the Sunday supplement. Loved your letter to your unborn baby but my copy got recycled. Booo. I’d love to read it as part of my offering to a friend’s unborn first mokopuna at her Red Tent Gathering. Any chance of getting it via email? Thanks Robina

  2. Here I am, back again. The Sunday supplement is what I immediately snatch from the paper every Sunday, skip to the back – you never disappoint. But it always goes out before I have a chance to save it, and truth be told, I’m an e gal. So is it possible to access all your Down Country articles on-line. Maybe from your blog page? Thanks again, Robina

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