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7 thoughts on “Columns

  1. Hi Lynda
    Don’t know if you will get this BUT Thank you for your reference to me and my geography teaching in your magazine column. I really do watch and read your ‘goings on’ and thoroughly enjoy all I see. Your presentation technique is GREAT.
    I am still at Pukekohe High and still enjoy teaching – this is my 22nd year there. My garden suffers from the ramapages of 4 grandchildren but it still gives me pleasure.
    Keep on doing what you obviously love doing
    Mrs Shirley Yeomans

  2. Hi Linda
    I am interested in planting some sugar maples to eventually make maple syrup. I thought I had read some where that you had also planted some. I was wondering whether the sugar or black maples are easily available. How many you planted and what conditions they like. I live in Omarama, in the Mackenzie Basin (about 40 mins south of Mt Cook). We have a pretty extreme climate, dry nearly all the time, hot summers and freezing winters.
    Any info would be much appreciated.
    Jemma Gloag

  3. hi lynda,

    our preschool in wanganui is looking at doing a fundraiser and wondered if you would be interested in doing a workshop/appearance. could you let us know if you were interested, how much you charge, and what we do (besides beg!!) lol, you’ve got loads of fans outside of auckland, you know…

  4. Hi Lynda
    Can you please tell me the name of the alstromeria you described on the Living Channel gardening programme at 5.55pm earlier this week, it is a red small variety best suited to tubs.which flowers for most of the year. Many thanks

  5. Hi Lynda – I liked your article in the Sunday Magazine about Lucas’s love of machinery. My grandson is the same and his birthday treat was a visit to a big machinery sales yard. Just Luke and his Mum went- staff were lovely lifting him into the cab and even taking him for a little ride in the yard.

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